American Dystonia Society 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner

What is Dystonia?

Dystonia is a debilitating neurological movement disorder where the brain malfunctions and is unable to suppress involuntary movements and postures. Dystonia can affect a specific body part, (the neck is the most common), multiple body parts, one side of the body, or the entire body. Debilitating pain and/or incapacitation are the common symptoms of everyone suffering from Dystonia. Dystonia can strike at any age, from birth and infancy to well into adulthood and middle age. Dystonia can be caused by genetics, reactions to drugs, or traumatic brain injury from a mild concussion, mild to severe head trauma in an auto accident, or any brain injuries as a result of stroke, aneurysm, carbon monoxide poisoning, brain infections such as meningitis and encelpalitis, or brain surgery complications. Dystonia can strike anyone at anytime.

There is no cure for dystonia but research is starting to gain traction as the first ever comprehensive Global Dystonia Patient Registry has been launched. The funds raised from this event will help support maintenance of the registry and provide patient support.

Dystonia Awareness Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction
Saturday, January 28, 2012
The Tiger Inn of Princeton University
48 Prospect St
Princeton NJ 08540

For tickets or more info, please call 310-237-5478

Join American Dystonia Society for its second annual charity benefit dinner and silent auction. The evening is still being planned but keep the date on your calendar. Come back and visit this page for future updates.

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Ginny has struggled with Dystonia her entire life

Dystonia Benefit

Join us at The Tiger Inn of Princeton for our 2nd Annual Dystonia Benefit Dinner/Auction January 28, 2012.

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